Communicating to Utilities Business Customers

Utilities: Educate and Engage Business Customers

This week an item in our local business newspaper caught my attention and had me brainstorming potential ways utilities could add value for their business customers.

Our city may require building owners to report on their energy usage. I began to think of channels and topics utilities could use to engage and educate their business consumers.

How can our customers help their customers?

A couple of items came to mind. Communicating to a utilities’ business customers – through printed inserts to statements, separate newsletters, or email alerts with links – a utility would have so many opportunities for educating their customer.

• How to become a Green Company – What is involved? What first steps should they take? Where can they find more information?
• HVAC Issues – are there new products available to help reduce consumption?
• Lighting issues – new innovations bring more efficiency
• Rebates!
• Choosing solar power – What size? Durability? Longevity? Cost vs Value?

Whether they choose to communicate via newsletter, printed inserts with billing statements, or links through targeted emails, the utility confirms their place as an authority in the community.

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