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USPS ColorTranspromo Promotion

ColorTranspromo Promotion

The Color Transpromo Promotion will provide upfront postage discounts to mailers who use dynamic color print for marketing and consumer messages on their bills and statements.

Promotion Period June 1, 2015 – November 30, 2015                                                       blog promotion
Registration April 15, 2015 – November 30, 2015
Discount 2% of eligible postage
Eligible Mail First-Class Mail commercial letters that are part of an IMb® Full-Service mailing

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the USPS Color Transpromo Promotion.

Transpromo is the use of space on your transactional statements to add promotional content. A majority of people still prefer to receive paper statements. Recent data breaches aside, a paper statement is tangible and less likely to be deleted or lost in the massive amounts of electronic messages received every day.

USPS reports that consumers spend 7 minutes per day sorting and reading their mail. 98% of mail is brought into the home the same day it is delivered. Bills and statements are particularly important, read and saved for longer periods. Compare this with the 15 – 20 seconds a person reads an unsolicited email.

Don’t limit yourself to generic marketing messages. Versatility and personalization are virtually unlimited, allowing you to develop relevant messages and offers. Tracking response rates has become easier than ever with use of personalized web pages and codes.

Transpromo is not just for marketing, either. Traditionally used to up-sell or cross-sell, it should also be used to educate about your industry or service, remind them of upcoming events or deadlines, or drive readers to a website.

Using color as part of your transpromo campaign helps to draw the reader’s eye to this special messaging. How can you incorporate an infographic, a fun drawing or even charts and graphs into your message?

Register with USPS and take advantage of the 2% postage savings by using Color Transpromotional mail today!


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USPS 2015 Promotions

First-Class Mail 2015 Promotions

Registration Begins March 15

As part of its commitment to grow the mail, the Postal Service is pleased to announce several First-Class Mail promotions that will offer incentives or discounts to mailers throughout 2015.

Earned Value Reply Mail is designed to encourage mailers to use First-Class Mail as the primary reply means for their customers, by providing a postage credit for each returned Business Reply Mail or Courtesy Reply Mail piece.

Color Transpromo is designed to encourage mailers to increase the value of bills, invoices, and statements by combining the power of digital and color technology, which can produce greater connection and response from customers.

Emerging and Advanced Technology is designed to create omni-channel marketing opportunities by integrating direct mail with mobile technology. This engages interactive experiences and encourages mailers to use “enhanced” augmented reality, Near Field Communications (NFC), and other technologies.



Registration Period Program Period
Earned Value Reply Mail


March 15 – April 30, 2015 May 1 – July 31, 2015
Color Transpromo


April 15 – November 30, 2015 June 1 – November 30, 2015
Emerging and Advanced Technology*


March 15 – October 31, 2015 May 1- October 31, 2015

*Standard Mail is part of the Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion and is currently being

reviewed by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

If you have any questions, including whether or not your mail qualifies for any of the 2015 promotions, please call one of Strahm’s dedicated Customer Service Representatives. You can reach us at (816) 756-2733 or

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Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

You’ve decided that you want to do a direct mail marketing campaign – now what?

Direct Mail images

You’re priority should be designing a mail piece that will deliver results. One important factor is the copy you use on your mailer.

Want some quick tips?

First make sure you nail down the message you want to send. Keep it short and simple – more words won’t necessarily grab the reader’s attention so focus on what is important to them about your product or service.

Keep the layout clean and simple too. Don’t use a lot of different fonts. Don’t have copy running all over the place in an attempt to be fancy. If you make it hard to decipher your message, guess what? No one will respond.

Focus on areas that the reader will naturally gravitate towards. Put your most important words (free offer, huge discounts, act now) in the headline, subheads and as the first parts of a sentence.

Take advantage of action words and verbs as much as possible. Don’t write about something, speak directly to your customer and tell them what you want them to do.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to proof read and then proof read again. Have co-workers and maybe even friends and family take a look. Sometimes you are so tied up in the process that you can’t see the forest for the trees!

Successful copywriting will get you off to a great start in designing your direct mail piece.

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7 Whys of Direct Marketing

Explore The “Why” of  Direct Marketing Instead of “How” To Do Direct Marketing

Technology is changing and getting better all the time. We all know this. We have easier, faster, less expensive options and channels to get our marketing message across. But perhaps we should explore the “Why” and the “What” of using direct mail.MarketingCampaign

It is important to understand your purpose for each campaign. The key objective for most direct mail marketing is to elicit a response from the recipient. This can be in the form of a purchase or action. You need to be clear, and make clear on your mailpiece, the purpose of your marketing campaign.

Here are seven key drivers to get your brain going in developing the “Why” of your next marketing campaign.

  1. Customer Acquisition. This is basic Prospecting 101. Direct mail is still a great option because it gets directly into your prospects mailbox. According to DMM, 98% of us still check our mailbox every day. Sure, you could purchase a list of email addresses for these prospects, but your impact may be slim. Think of how many unsolicited emails you receive (and quickly delete) every day. Now think of your mailbox and how many pieces of direct mail you receive. Not only that, but many people keep these mailpieces longer and refer back to them.  I know I do.
  2. Building Email List. For many businesses, their overall client list is far greater than their email list. If you need to grow your email list, direct mail can be a fantastic tool. Consider a personalized mailpiece with a nice incentive for signing up. Once you begin an email campaign to your new list, make sure you track response and keep your list clean. Include an Opt Out within the email itself. If a prospect has not agreed to your marketing emails, you should remove him or her from your list.
  3. Communication Preference. A study by Epsilon shows that people still prefer direct mail over email in almost every category including financial services, insurance and travel. Ask your customers how they like to be reached and respond accordingly. Tracking customer response rates of direct mail vs. email will also help guide you in communication channel. Don’t risk alienating customers.
  4. Multichannel Marketing. Aside from communication preference, why limit yourself to one channel of marketing? Combine a direct mail campaign with a follow up email campaign including the same marketing objective/message. Perhaps include a pURL on your mailpiece and a personalized link in your email. Use QR codes to drive respondents to your website for a special offer. While they are there, ask for their email address. Boom! Now you’ve accomplished driver #2 as well!
  5. Migration. Test, test, test and measure, measure, measure. This is all about knowing what works within a campaign. You want to make sure that not only is your message correct and relevant to a particular customer/prospect, but that it gets to them and is read.  If they aren’t responding to a mailpiece, are they responding to an email? Tweak your lists as necessary.
  6. Lifespan. Back to the issue of deleting unsolicited emails without even a glance! How quick are you to hit that delete button? But a properly crafted message, to the correct target and slated to be in mailboxes within a given date range, is most likely to make it into the home from the mailbox, allowing more potential to become actionable. 5 second email or 5 day direct mail?
  7. Differentiator. You have so many options available for direct mail. Think size, shape, feel. Think 3D and create a clever box or other shaped container. Most people can’t resist seeing what’s inside a box. The possibilities are really endless. The USPS will deliver most anything, anywhere for just a matter of postage. Make your mailpiece – and therefore      your message – stand out in the mailbox.

In short, take the time to determine why you are planning a marketing campaign. Make sure your message is relevant to and receivable by the correct person. Whether you choose mail or email, really grab their attention with something that sets you apart from all the other advertisers.

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Got Freemium?


SF-Enjoy-LongThe term freemium is coined using two powerful words ‘Free’ and ‘Premium’.

What is Strahm offering? Click here to find out!

From time to time, we like to ask customers if we’re delivering the highest level of quality on jobs and service. As part of the Freemium program, we’ve put together a quick, three question survey.

Once you complete the survey you will then be given access to our online store. Here you can choose your favorite Freemium, Accordion Pix or the 3-D Cube. They both allow you to upload your personal images to display and showoff on your desk!

SF-ApixAccordion Pix: An irresistibly fun way to display your photos at work. Accordion Pix allows you to upload seven images so you can show off all your favorites!

SF-3Dcube3-D Cube: A playful alternative to the traditional ways of displaying your photos at work. With this 3-D Cube you can display five images so you’ll have more of your favorites in view. Customize and express yourself in 3D!

(Ask how Strahm can help you with a Freemium Appreciation for your clients)

On Thursday, September 19th Strahm sent out a self-mailer to everyone on our mailing list. The self-mailer contains a QR code to scan, and a pURL you can use in your web browser.

On Monday, September 23rd Strahm sent out a blast email to all of our email contacts. The email contains a link to their pURL. They will simply click on it and go to their personalized page.

Make sure you’re on Strahm’s mailing list to take part in our next Freemium. Visit our website to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, or just send an email with all your contact information to

Today is your chance to participate! Act fast, only 500 Freemiums available!!!! CLICK HERE NOW and check out the Strahm Freemium campaign for yourself … Enjoy!

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Get More Out of Your Marketing Program with VDP

How To Get More Out of Your Marketing Program Using VDP

DirectMailvdpimageandtextVariable Data Printing (or VDP) has changed the way marketers plan their programs and design their mailpieces. No longer are they creating for a mass market, but instead using carefully mined data to make highly personalized messages.

Data can be gathered from customer calls, interviews, emails and phone calls to create targeted messages relevant to each customer/prospect. Data can be organic from your company or purchased from a 3rd party vendor. Put thought into what data you are gathering; while you don’t want to be intrusive you do want to get as deep as possible.

Pay particular attention to aligning the message of your mailpiece with the artwork. Tie the right art and copy to speak directly to the recipient.

A good example would be a program for a car dealership. Say Mr. Brown bought a mini van 5 years ago. You know (and have within your data) that Mr. Brown has 4 small children. You wouldn’t want to send him a message about buying a 2-seater sports car, would you?

Conversely, Mr. Jones bought a sporty little car from you a couple of years ago. Unless you know from your data that Mr. Jones’ situation has changed, does he have interest in a mini van?

Because this type of marketing is more relevant to the customer/prospect, you should expect to see a greater response rate from your mailing. Consider multi-channel marketing as well.  Send a postcard, followed up with an email.  Within the email, create a customized landing page with the same or similar message and artwork.

So get to work on that data and start building a truly great, targeted mailing!

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pURL and Landing Page Tips in Your Direct Mail Campaign

pURL and Landing Page Tips in Your Direct Mail Campaign

You’ve decided to launch a direct mail campaign and use a personalized URL (pURL) as part of the campaign. Here are some tips on making the experience as enticing and simple as possible for potential responders.DirectMailpURL

1. Make Sure the Landing Page Ties to the Marketing Message. The landing page should have the same look and feel, and even the same message, as the direct mail piece.  Keep the experience seamless to the customer. For the respondent, seeing the same message helps confirm they are in the right place. The message on the landing page should be as customized and personalized as possible.

2. Think Mobile. These days you can hardly swing a cat without hitting someone using either their smartphone or tablet. You must plan for this – no excuses! If it isn’t simple for the user to not only get to but use your landing page, they will just click away from it. This can be a significant portion of your response rate. Treat it as such.

3. Pre-fill Forms. If you are asking the respondent to fill out a form – such as subscribing to your newsletter – pre-populate that form as much as you can. The less work for the respondent, the better.

4. Don’t Ask for too Much. Don’t place huge information requirements on the respondent. Sure, you want data on your customers/prospects, but the more information they have to fill out, the lower the response rate. Very few respondents are going to wade through a 6 page, 30 question survey. Get only what you need for this particular campaign. You can always ask more questions as the relationship develops.

5. Employ Best Practices. Just as in any direct mail piece, your success lies in your message, call to action, offer and list.  Your direct mail piece will drive the respondent to your landing page where they will complete some action (place an order, take a survey, download a white paper).  Search out best practices; Hubspot offers some excellent tips for creating landing pages.

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pURL | Personalized URL Campaign Tips

Tips for Using PURLs

If you’ve ever considered using a Personalized URL as part of your mail campaign, here are some helpful tips we’ve compiled.


Starting at square one –

  1. Start with a new domain name. You can use Go Daddy’s bulk registration tool to see which ones are available to you. Get creative and tie your domain name into your campaign vision.
  2. When crafting your pURL message, don’t offer too many choices to the respondent. Give them one offer or one premium, not 10 different offers. When a respondent has to stop and think over an offer, they are more likely to click away and never respond.
  3. Keep the landing page clean, simple and relevant. Don’t crowd your message or add distractions. White space is your friend here, just as in a direct mail piece.
  4. Get them to the submit button as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Only ask questions that are absolutely necessary; oftentimes you can get some of this information after they respond.
  5. If they are able, ask your pURL vendor to customize the thank you page and email follow up as well. Personalization goes a long way in increasing response and customer loyalty.

A pURL offers valuable information. You can track who visited their landing page and responded, who visited but didn’t choose to respond, and who didn’t visit at all. Each type offers unique insight to the effectiveness of your marketing, allowing you to tweak future communications to prospects and clients.

How do you see yourself using pURLs to enhance customer communications?  We’d love to hear your feedback.

Contact Strahm today to start your personalized campaign! |  (816) 756-2733.

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Why Is Mail So Popular?

Mail Works!

Communication channels seem to increase and evolve on almost a daily basis, yet mail continues to be an effective – even preferred – method of reaching your current and potential customers.

Think of all the ways you can be reached today: email, direct mail, telephone, text messaging, mobile applications and social media. Studies and surveys tell us that marketing messages are well received via mail. In fact, in a study by ExactTarget, direct mail was chosen as the most acceptable means of communication in four of 11 categories. Mail was tied with email in two categories and a close second behind email in another four categories.

Why is mail so popular? 

  1. People like to touch and feel. Mail cuts through the digital clutter and provides a physical reminder of a call to action, offer, or special message to the consumer. 
  2. Mail plays well with other channels. Take advantage of all the methods of communication to your customer. Back up an email or social media offer with a printed mailpiece. 
  3. People enjoy the element of surprise when they go to the mailbox. The majority of households pick up their mail every day. Sorting, reviewing, and reading the mail is a routine for most people and studies show they look forward to it.
  4. With mail volume declining, there is less competition in your customer’s mailbox. As more and more communications are being delivered through email, text messaging and social media, your message stands out from the crowd by coming into the home in a different channel. Your customer or prospect is literally carrying your message through their front door.

For two weeks pay close attention to the mail you receive daily and how you handle that mail. Is your mailbox full every day? Of the mail you receive, what really stands out to you?

How many offers are you receiving? Will you respond to any offers? Has the mailer provided you multiple means of responding? Which method of response will you use?

We would like to hear your results! What caught your interest and why? How will you translate what you’ve experienced into your own marketing efforts?

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EDDM: Direct Mail Coupons

Bang for Your Buck with Direct Mail Coupons

It’s no secret that consumers are looking for more and more bargains as the recession forces a tightening on pocketbooks. While consumers hunt harder and longer for the deepest discounts they have inadvertently led to a revived interest in direct mail and print coupons. Those companies who are quick to land their coupons in the hands of savvy consumers are cashing in on the bargain hunters and are drawing more business and sales. I know we’ve all received a coupon in the mail, looked it over, and stuck it on the fridge to use later. Having a physical reminder of the money you could save on a product or service you already use or are interested in is a strong driver for new or existing customers. Once a month I get a Bed, Bath, and Beyond postcard coupon in the mail similar to the one seen here.  

Seeing these coupons in the mail serves a constant reminder – “don’t forget about our store!” and “shopping with us will save you money!”. How can anyone say no to a discount, especially when it’s for something you already planned on purchasing or are interested in purchasing? Direct mail coupons are worth the small initial investment for businesses and can turn a big profit – now and in the future.

Online discount sites such as Groupon and Living Social are new to the discount coupon scene and while they can result in leads and traffic they often don’t help a business retain customers. Short-term deals on discount websites are the wrong strategy for local businesses looking for a long-term boost in sales. Online discount users are always looking for the next great save – one week it may be your business and the next it may be a competitor nearby for the same price. Online coupons also fail to reach all of their potential customers in a specific area.

USPS programs like Every Door Direct Mail are specifically designed to help small business like hair salons, restaurants, and other specialty service providers to make it even easier to get your coupons into the hands of consumers in your area. EDDM allows small businesses the ability to target a specific area as small or as large as you like and mail to all of the addresses in that area for one low rate – postage included! The ability to zero in on a specific area with direct mail provides businesses with the opportunity to win over long-term, loyal customers with discounts and promotions. Creating loyal customers near you will help bring a continuous return from your marketing budget no matter the size. Think about what will drive your business, define your target range, design a postcard or other mail piece, and get your coupons to do the rest of the work for you.

Interested in mailing out coupons to consumers near you? Contact a sales representative at Strahm and we can help you create and produce your own direct mail coupon campaign today!

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